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Emerald Money Studios promotes Financial Literacy for Teens and Kids.

Specializing in Worksheets on Money, Worksheets on Budgeting for Students and all things Financial Literacy! Here at Emerald Money Studios we are passionate about developing Financial Literacy for teens and kids and making your life, as their educator, that little bit easier.

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This resource asks students to become a party planner for a day and budget for a special birthday party! 

Communication, compromise and discussion are all promoted in this lesson pack. A super way to introduce how to manage money successfully! Resources designed with USA Dollar format.  

Hi I'm Kathryn from Emerald Money Studios!

I help educators teach their students and children about good money habits so that they have the right financial skills for life! 

At Emerald Money Studios, I specialize in creating worksheets on money, worksheets on budgeting for students and financial units of work. I believe in developing early, financial literacy for teens and kids so that they are equipped with the correct knowledge  for future financial decisions. 

financial literacy for teens and kids
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You believe that young people should learn from an early stage the value of money and how it should work for you.

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You understand that young people should be taught the value of savings, investments and giving from their early years in order to gain financial security and freedom in adulthood.

stock market for kids

You know that good budgeting skills and successful money management are areas that need to be taught, practiced and experienced from youth.

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