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Hi, I'm Kathryn from Emerald Money Studios...

I’m guessing you are here because you want to make a difference…

… a difference in the lives of the students and children that you teach…but…you’re not sure where to start!

You want to pass on the financial skills and knowledge you have in a clear and structured way, but need some ideas and guidance. Here at Emerald Money Studios, you will find all you need to deliver a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum. Developing financial literacy kids is my passion!


Financial Literacy Kids

Turn mistakes that you have made… 
into learning opportunities….

You want to ensure the young people in your care don’t make the same financial mistakes you (and I!) have made.

financial literacy kids resources

Give them the gift of knowledge…

You wish you had been taught more life and money skills throughout your school experience and want to ensure all the skills and ‘secrets’ are shared with the next generation.  

budgeting worksheets printable for students

Turn mistakes that you have made… 
into learning opportunities….

You’re worried that you don’t have time to create valuable resources that you need to help make a difference in their lives. 

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If any of that sounds like you, you've come to the right place!

I’m passionate about giving young people the skills and strategies to navigate their future finances successfully. 

Go Financial Literacy Kids !

Here's how i can help...

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This free budgeting printable resource helps Upper Elementary Students begin budgeting for a party weekend. Lesson encourages conversation about choices made, decision making strategies, needs verses wants, promotes number skills in ‘real life’ scenarios and helps students realize the value of planning ahead and keeping to a budget! Lesson can also work really well as a paired activity were communication and compromise are experienced first hand!


financial literacy kids

Find more resources in the Emerald Money Studios Shop. Filled with all you need to help develop financial literacy and budgeting skills in your children. Everything you require to help accomplish something great with your kids. 


 Printable Worksheets on Money, Worksheets on Budgeting for Students, Budgeting Worksheets Printable Versions,  The Stock Market for Kids Resources, Financial Literacy Kids Resources and Real Life Money Word Problems.

Digital copies available in my TPT store to help with Distance Learning.

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