Budgeting Worksheets-Creating a Household Budget- Financial Literacy

Budgeting Worksheets-Creating a Household Budget- Financial Literacy


Grade Levels

4th – 6th, Homeschool
Math, Basic Operations, Mental Math
Resource Type
Lesson Plans (Individual), PowerPoint Presentations, Printables
Formats Included

Real Life Money Activities and Lesson Included! Great for developing Financial Literacy Skills.

Money lesson contains budgeting printables, PowerPoints with x1 Nearpod link if preferred.

This lesson focuses in detail on family budgeting and the importance of saving and investing. Children are asked to complete a monthly budget for their family and allocate funds carefully. Differentiated budget templates/worksheets are included along with a lesson plan and 2 PowerPoint presentations. A fun lesson that truly stimulates excellent conversation,thought and compromise!

Pack Contains:

  • Monthly Budget record (Basic)
  • Monthly Budget record (Advanced)
  • Editable Household Expenses guidelines (Dollars and GBP Available)
  • Income Calculator Worksheet
  • Lesson Plan for guidance
  • Successful Budgeting PowerPoint
  • Household Budgeting PowerPoint
  • Editable Salary Guidelines (Dollar and GBP Available)
  • Two Stars and a Wish Evaluation Worsheet.

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